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If we have mixed a track for you through our online service, we will master your track at a discounted rate of £20 per song.
Always contact for a bespoke quote!

Here at Soundlab Studios we have the best in analogue and digital equipment. So if you're looking for a mixing engineer you've come to the right place. Every track will need different approaches, ideas and methods to get the best results. We will do everything we can to give you the most professional and sonically pleasing mix possible. If you're recording on a budget,
online mixing is definitely cost effective! A mix engineer is the difference between mediocre and awesome!

We will need to receive the stems of your track in the highest quality possible, preferably wav files.

We allow 3 free revision mix to the tracks at this stage, to allow for small changes and corrections - after this, further revision mixes will be rateable using our hourly rates.


£80 - Perfect for vocalists, rappers, or small acoustic/bands

£120 - Small to medium sized sessions with some production FX

£150 - Medium to commercial sized sessions, featuring a full production and multiple layers of song elements.


The way you send files directly affects the cost of mixing, as poor preparation will result in us having to waste time correcting issues (and upcharging you) . Below is a guide to how we would prefer to recieve files. Speak to us if your files aren't quite right or you're not sure how to change them, and we’ll help you out.

  • Audio should be submitted as 24bit, 44.1kHz(at a minimum) wav files, mono or stereo.

  • If you have DI tracks, please send them along with any recorded tones you have.

  • Files should be labelled correctly eg: 'mad synth bit' or 'the big noise' is not a valid name for a track or part. Instead try 'Synth Lead Line Chorus' or similar.

  • Whatever naming system you use please stick to it throughout the project and make sure it makes sense. It can also be handy to label tracks numerically as this will ensure they line up in an organised fashion eg:
    01 Kick In
    02 Kick Out
    03 Snare Top etc
    B bass di
    B bass amp
    G guitar left
    G guitar right etc

  • All files must have the same start location. Remember, we don't know your arrangement like you do, so this will drastically improve the turnaround time and you won't be upcharged for extra work.

  • If you have midi/trigger files for your drums please send them as well.

  • For best results, make sure the audio isn't clipping.

  • Also include something to reference the mix to. If you like the drums in one song and everything else in another, feel free to send them both.

  • Files should be sent as a zip file not individually uploaded files.