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Soundlab Studios is the number one place to go for recording in Essex. We have a state of the art facility, complete with high-end equipment operated by highly skilled engineers.

Having multiple rooms at our disposal also allows us to record multiple instruments and artists without unwanted bleed with ease.

Each room is connected to our control room, where we have an exceptional SSL console.
Whilst you record, you'll also have access to a whole host of state of the art musical equipment as well as high end monitoring/conversion devices as well as an extensive collection of software plugins and outboard gear.
Unless otherwise stated, an engineer is included in the rate.

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Hourly Rate
£35 - Weekdays Before 6pm (includes engineer)
£45 - Evenings and Weekends (includes engineer)

Day Rate
£225 - 8 Hours on Weekdays (includes engineer)
£275 - 8 Hours on Weekends (includes engineer)

4 Hour Quickfire Demo Session
£120 - Weekdays Before 6pm
£150 - Evenings and Weekends

Unattended Mixing Day
£150 - 10 Hour Mixing Day (if we have recorded your music. Online mixing price varies)

Dry Hire (excludes engineer)
£17.50 Per Hour