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If we have mixed a track for you through our online service, we will master your track at a discounted rate of £10 per song.
Always contact for a bespoke quote!


Mastering is the final process of the production. This is where you give the mix that final polish before it is ready for the public's ears and mass distribution!

Top end equipment and monitoring is needed for this process along with an experienced set of ears to give you tracks what it needs to be played and heard to it's optimum potential on any reproduction system.

Aspects covered in the final mastering process can include:

- Checking for any digital clicks or unwanted distortion.
- Noise removal and corrective fades
- Final compression for consistent dynamics
- Filtering and overall eq
- Phase and mono compatibility
- Limiting

£30 - Mastering Per Track
£10 - Mastering Per Track (if we have mixed your music as well)
£100 EP (4 Tracks)
£200 Full album (10-14 tracks)