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Is your mix sounding dull or lifeless? In major need of a face lift? Trust us, it's all in the mix.

This is where the separate parts of the recording are put together to shape the track into its final form. This process requires a great musical ear, lots of experience and state-of-the-art equipment. That's where we come in.

Here at Soundlab Studios we have the best in analogue and digital equipment. Every mix and track will need different approaches, ideas and methods to get the best results. From laying everything out on our analogue desk with subtle warming EQ’s or compressors, all the way to full surgery with editing, arranging and a plethora of FX. We will do everything we can to give you the most professional and sonic sounding mix possible.

We will need to receive the stems of your track in the highest quality possible, preferably wav files, which can be sent to us via our professional WeTransfer or Dropbox accounts. 

Once we're happy with how the mix is sounding, we will use the same means to send over a 1st mix for you to listen to. We allow one free revision mix to the tracks at this stage, to allow for small changes and corrections - after this, further revision mixes will be rateable using our hourly mixing rates.


Mastering is the final process of the production. This is where you give the mix that final polish before it is ready for the public's ears and mass distribution!

Top end equipment and monitoring is needed for this process along with an experienced set of ears to give you tracks what it needs to be played and heard to it's optimum potential on any reproduction system. Be it a compressed mp3 file on the internet, a massive bass heavy pa system or even some poor quality laptop speakers - it all matters.

Aspects covered in the final mastering process include:

- Checking for any digital clicks or unwanted distortion.

- Noise removal and corrective fades

- final compression for consistent dynamics

- filtering and overall eq

- phase and mono capability

- final limiting to achieve that commercial loudness of your track


£30 - Mastering Per Track
£10 - Mastering Per Track (if we have mixed your music as well)
£100 EP (4 Tracks)
£200 Full album (10-14 tracks)

Online Mixing
Up to 24 audio tracks - £80
Up to 48 audio tracks - £120
Up to 96 audio tracks - £160
(Please contact us if you multiple tracks
to mix as we can offer a discount).